transplant, alice, bob3160

4-12-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 55

Another full house. (117) We covered Security, ATSC 3.0,
Unformatting formatted text, Saving Cellphone battery.
Virtual Reality episode 1 and an excellent County music review.
During the Q&A session, a question was raised concerning switching
from Norton to Avast, I was happy to share the following link,How to Successfully Install Avast

transplant, alice, bob3160

4-5-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode - 54

114 folks joined the show today.
The topic for today covered privacy, security, lidar, radar,
Google maps, Windows 10 cleanup and other topics.
During the Q&A we went into more cleanup details.
We also time going over upcoming topics.
WYZE Vacuum hookup and other assorted questions.

transplant, alice, bob3160

Tech for Seniors LIVE

We just completed our first show using StreamYard
It was streamed live to both YouTube and Facebook
We had 48 attendees on YouTube and 10 on Facebook.
It was just three old Tech guys talking about new and old
technology and some of our own thoughts about assorted topics.

This is something we plan on doing every Thursday starting at 12 Noon (Eastern)
as long as we continue to have an audience that's interred in what we have to say.

transplant, alice, bob3160

3-29-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 53

Another well attended meeting (116). I always look forward to this. (Season 2 episode1)
We again covered a variety of topic including but not limited to
Security, Internet connectivity, Streaming, Bluetooth 6, and more.
We also had a survey about smart watches and surprisingly,
quite a few attendees showed an interest.
There was also a Q&A session after the official show where we answered questions about a variety of topics.

transplant, alice, bob3160

3-22-2021 Tech for Seniors - Episode 52

An entire year has now passed since this was started.

We had another well attended show for the One Year anniversary. (121)
We covered security, routers, MS Word trick, Bluetooth, and Google Closed Captions.
There was also a 20-minute Q&A session after the show on assorted topics.