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10-17-2020 Brisbug Computer Club, Australia - Remote

This evening, I did my remote presentation for the members of the Brisbug Computer Club.
This presentation is for their 10:30 AM timeslot on 10-18-2020. There's quite a time difference.
This is one of those times when I would love to have been there in person.
A small but lively group that asked quite a few questions.
One of the questions was "How do I change from AVG to Avast." Simple answer, "You don't".

The recorded presentation is available at,
Avast Free, Avast Secure Browser, Avast SecureLine Avast Omni

alice, transplant, bob3160

10-14-2020 SCV Computer Club - Remote

The evening presentation was enjoyed with the members of the
Sant Clarita Valley members in Sunny CA. As you can see,
I have some fans in that club. Some years back, a few lucky winners also
received an Avast cap which they are still happy and proud to wear.
The presentation was followed with some questions. The main question revolved around
"If I have Defender, should I really replace it with Avast"? I wonder if you can guess my answer?
Avast Free, Avast Secure Browser, Avast SecureLine Avast Omni.

alice, transplant, bob3160

10-14-2020 Royal Highlands Community Tech Club - Remote

For the first of my three presentations for today, I did my presentation was for the members of
Royal Highlands CC.
There was an extensive Q&A that followed the presentation. The club may be small,
the amount of questions was not. The topics covered included VPN, PW Mangers,
2 factor authentication, Changing over to Avast from another AV, the Secure Browser
for both the computer and smart device and several other topics.
Avast Free, Avast Secure Browser, Avast SecureLine Avast Omni.